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Students Make Use of their Break Wisely

Fifi H. Hasman

BERAKAS, February 13 – 'O', 'AS' and 'A' Level results have finally been released and this release allowed for the students to plan what they want to do in the future and how they spend their break from school while waiting for their next phase in life.

    Lia (L) and Mizan (R) at Chill-V Kopitiam. Photo: Mingguan Brunei / Fifi H. Hasman

Some students who are waiting for their entry into a college, a university or an institution tend to spend their time to sleep, relax and go out with their friends, but there are also those who do not like to get cooped up at home and wish to earn their own money.

Lia, 18, has just graduated from Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang (PTEM). Currently she is working part-time at Chill-V Kopitiam with a fellow ex-schoolmate, Mizan.

Speaking to Mingguan Brunei, Lia began, “I realised that I don't like staying at home too much. So, rather than wasting my time, I figured that I need to get myself a job where I get my own money.”

She then said, “I aspire to pursue a career in medicine and so I hope to enroll in UBD.”

When asked whether or not she would continue working part-time at the cafe, she mentioned that she would still remain there as a university student as it would provide her another source of income. Although it would be challenging for her to juggle studies as a medicine student and part-time work, she expressed her excitement of wanting to be a medical Doctor.

Amirah Moksin, a part-time employee at Ochado, who was walking around before going to work. Photo: Mingguan Brunei / Fifi H. Hasman

Another PTEM graduate also shared the same sentiments on what it meant to earn money. Amirah Moksin, 19, began working at Ochado as soon as she left PTEM last year in November.

A range of part-time jobs are widely available across the Sultanate as employers wish to provide the opportunity for the youth to gain work experience including event management and administration. Times Square management is no exception. One of the part-time employees at the management is Azizi Jofri, an 'A' Level graduate from Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah (MDPMAB).

Azizi Jofri at the booth at Times Square Area. Photo: Mingguan Brunei / Fifi H. Hasman

Azizi said, “When students like myself go to work, we get to know what our parents have to go through and how difficult it is to earn money. At the same time, this experience opens up our eyes to the world of employment and can prepare us on what to expect when we get jobs on a long-term contract in the future.”

He also stated that his reason of getting a part-time job 'is to get money for college.' The aforementioned college is International Graduate Studies College (KIGS), the first local tertiary level institution to be fully accredited by Brunei's National Accreditation Council.


Nurul Najihah (L) and Nur Afifah Daraina (R) at their workplace. Photo: Mingguan Brunei / Fifi H. Hasman


However, 'A' Level graduates are not the only ones who are filling up part-time vacancies, but also 'O' Level students. Working at a retail store, two 'O' Level graduates namely Nur Afifah Daraina and Nurul Najihah spoke to Mingguan Brunei on what it was like to work at such a young age.

Najihah said that the shifts in working there enabled her to manage her time wisely to with Nur Afifah added that working 'is no playground as it constantly requires [them] to do well in any circumstance.'

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